Wednesday April 21, 2021



Attending:  Robert Wahlstrom, Vicki Kotschwar, Kathy Cleveland, Lorrie Bauer, Ginger Meyer, Del Hussey, Junice Dagen, Loni Watson, Matt Watson, Boone Huffman and Russ Harford



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 A.M.


Old Business:


We reviewed the March 17, 2021 minutes.  There was one grammatical correction made.  Motion by Ginger Meyer to approve the minutes.  Seconded by Boone Huffman.  Motion carried 10-0.


We reviewed the scholarship recommendations from the committee.  We are able to give out scholarships to all who applied.  We did change a couple of the scholarships around.  The following are the scholarships to be awarded:  First National Bank of Chadron-Kayley Galbraith and Jameson Margetts.  Opportunity Scholarship-Kelcarah Demeritte and Tayza BraveHeart.  Jerry Traphagan Memorial Scholarship-Sawyer Haag.  Dennis ‘Buck’ Edwards Memorial Scholarship-Emily Beye.  Priarie Home Scholarship-Jalei Marcy.  Class of 1963-64 Scholarship-Zach Haug.  Class of 1969 Scholarship-Katelyn Diehl.  Ione Marshall Memorial Scholarship-Joshua Fernau.  William Finney Memorial Scholarship-Garrett Glines, Spencer Blundell, Daniel Wellnitz, Kennedy Trueblood, Rebecca Menke, Raena Webster, Anika Burke, Hannah Walker, Kaelee Long and Morgan Rutledge.  Norbert and Karen Arnoldy Memorial Scholarship-Kennady Stack, Alexis Conboy, Ella O’Brien, Madeline Pelton, Jadyn Cady, Kaycee Kittell, Samantha Johns, Nia Meyer, Dallas Kelso, Lateisha Ngoi, Zach Wordekemper, Emma Cogdill, and Cobie Bila.  Motion comes from the committee to approve the above scholarships.  Motion carried 10-0.


New Business:


Del Hussey proposed that we take some of the funds from our Foundation account and increase the base of the Arnoldy, Finney, Marshall and Prairie Home Scholarships.  This will help protect these scholarships and eventually increase the number or the amount of each scholarship.  College costs and inflation will dictate that we may want to increase the amount of each scholarship.  This would be a one time stimulus for these scholarships, since the market is good and our unrestricted funds have increased.  He presented 3 proposals that would take 3%, 5% or 7% from our foundation funds and added to the base of the scholarships.  Robert Wahlstrom stated that since the Ione Marshall funds are doing so well, that we may not increase the base of those funds.  $50,000 was set aside to fund those scholarships and as of March 31 that account had $109,488 in it.  Matt Watson made a motion to table this till next month.  Russ Harford seconded the motion.  Motion carried 10-0.


We had two summer grant applications.  The first one was from Amanda Kittell, a Freshman, who wants to attend the Rushmore National Music Camp in Keystone, SD.  The cost of the camp is $495 and she requested $300.  The second one was from Thomas Kaus, a Sophmore, who wants to attend the Concordia Language Village camp in Bemidji, MN.  this camp is an immersion camp in the Arabic language.  The camp is four weeks long.  The cost of the camp is $5130 and he requested $2130.  The foundation discussed that we had previously limited scholarship amounts to $500.  A motion was made by Vickie Kotschwar to award Amanda $300 and Thomas $500.  The motion was seconded by Lorrie Bauer.  Motion carried 10-0.


Treasurer’s Report



NOW account-FNB as of 3-31-2021  $12,585.42

(Includes the sum of $5,000 from Terri Haynes/100 Women grant.)


Morgan Stanley Account balance as of 3-31-2021


361-106605-418 (Arnoldy)           $80,500.11

361-111324-418 (Finney)             $39,312.24

361-116128-418 (Marshall)         $109,488.43

361-105363-418 (Prairie Home)  $12,652.41

361-047227-418 (Foundation)     $46,070.06


Total                                            $288,023.25


This is an incrase of $11,481.69 from last month.

Fees for February are $337.46


Bills paid since last meeting: Linda Rischling-Girls on the Run/Morning Marathon $1500.00


Bills to be Paid:  None


Motion by Del Hussey to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Seconded by Junice Dagen.  Motion carried 10-0.


Next meeting: 


May 26 (Fourth Wednesday of the Month)


Meeting adjourned at 7:47


Submitted by Robert Wahlstrom




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